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A Few Of My Favorite Things



Ever since my teenage years music has been one of my greatest passions. In high school I started a record label to help my friends record and promote their music. I am still a huge music fan and try to attend shows as frequently as possible.


Tattoos are a huge part of my identity as I've been going under the needle since I was 16 years old. love the idea of permanent art and the history and heritage of the tattoo culture. Most of my tattoos are designed like old school Americana tattoos.


Living in Boulder is great because I can ride my bike and hike in the summer as well as snowboard and snowshoe in the winter. Aside from the sports I like to play I also like to play fantasy football with my friends and host a podcast about it.


Despite my degree in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder I have always been interested in marketing. After learning from my failures in marketing as an accidental entrepreneur I have dedicated myself to excelling at marketing.

What people have said about my work

[Jeff’s] marketing expertise continues to impress me as he regularly improves our strategy and delivers results.

[Jeff] was instrumental in building our marketing strategy at Giantnerd and never failed to bring a fresh, creative perspective to the table. He is a forward thinker who stays up to date on industry trends and best practices.

Jeff is awesome. Super smart re: email marketing and was very helpful. Highly recommend giving him a call.

Jeff is an excellent online marketing professional whose passion has enabled him to learn and grow quickly in the complex world of online marketing.  Jeff has demonstrated the ability to create winning strategies leveraging various online channels. Jeff is of the rare breed of marketers that posses both a highly creative and deeply analytical mind.

My Blog

A Slight Change In Daily Activities: Part 2

In April of last year I made a very difficult decision and I left my job at Giantnerd® for a job at Graphicly. I made that decision for a number of reasons and was extremely excited to try applying my skills in a new way. Once I got to Graphicly I found that they have an extremely talented team of product managers and developers, and they have some seriously nerdy comic enthusiasts. They were lacking one thing though, a clear direction and strategy. This is not really a problem for Graphicly though, they are a hungry startup and they are quickly testing concepts by releasing MVPs and collecting data and then iterating on what worked. To make a long story short, marketing in the sense that I was working on, was another strategy being tested and after 2 months the test was over: paid search marketing couldn’t drive customers at the rate required. Internet marketing in general for them was not a great source of revenue generation or customer acquisition. I was let go.

I knew Graphicly was a big risk and wasn’t upset by what happened. Not every risk comes out on the good end of the potential outcomes. I didn’t waste any time and began looking for my next opportunity. That came just a week later when a company called Parallel Path decided to being me onboard as an independent contractor doing paid search marketing for some of it’s clients. I worked on accounts such as Motherhood Maternity, Stoneside, Hostway, Mentor Graphics, and Verio as well as helping the other paid search specialists on their accounts. Eventually they brought me on as a full time employee.

This brings me to the present, where I have decided to leave Parallel Path and pursue an old opportunity. I am returning to Giantnerd® and am more excited this time around than I was the first time. Giantnerd® has made a number of enhancements to the company in terms of structure and team. They have also implemented many of the ideas and strategies that were in waiting when I left that I believe will take the company to new levels. They have implemented some new strategies that I believe will allow everyone to focus on our core competencies. In short I believe that Giantnerd® is in a better position than they have ever been and I am excited to return in a new position with more responsibility, autonomy, and resources to achieve more.

As of today I am once again a member of the Nerd Herd with a new title, eCommerce Manager. Previously I was the Marketing Manager and my duties reached much further than marketing so the new title is more apt although this time around I will be doing much more than before. I am really excited to bring some new ideas I’ve been learning about to the team and to execute on ideas efficiently, with accountable metrics to understand the true ramifications of every experiment we launch. I am also excited to return to the culture I helped establish and take it in a more complete direction, Giantnerd® has a set of 14 core values that I truly believe in and know that if we can engrain these values in the company there is nothing that will stop us from achieving our goals.

Last April I urged people to join me at Graphicly, and previous to that I likely urged you to checkout Giantnerd® at some point in the 3 years I worked there. If I didn’t, go join Giantnerd® and use it when you need to buy cycling or outdoor equipment. I guarantee you there is no better retailer on the planet.