My Loves

A Few Of My Favorite Things



Ever since my teenage years music has been one of my greatest passions. In high school I started a record label to help my friends record and promote their music. I am still a huge music fan and try to attend shows as frequently as possible.


Tattoos are a huge part of my identity as I've been going under the needle since I was 16 years old. love the idea of permanent art and the history and heritage of the tattoo culture. Most of my tattoos are designed like old school Americana tattoos.


Living in Boulder is great because I can ride my bike and hike in the summer as well as snowboard and snowshoe in the winter. Aside from the sports I like to play I also like to play fantasy football with my friends and host a podcast about it.


Despite my degree in economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder I have always been interested in marketing. After learning from my failures in marketing as an accidental entrepreneur I have dedicated myself to excelling at marketing.

What people have said about my work

[Jeff’s] marketing expertise continues to impress me as he regularly improves our strategy and delivers results.

[Jeff] was instrumental in building our marketing strategy at Giantnerd and never failed to bring a fresh, creative perspective to the table. He is a forward thinker who stays up to date on industry trends and best practices.

Jeff is awesome. Super smart re: email marketing and was very helpful. Highly recommend giving him a call.

Jeff is an excellent online marketing professional whose passion has enabled him to learn and grow quickly in the complex world of online marketing.  Jeff has demonstrated the ability to create winning strategies leveraging various online channels. Jeff is of the rare breed of marketers that posses both a highly creative and deeply analytical mind.

My Blog

What defines the things that define me? Skimming the surface.

When I decided to start this blog (like 5 minutes ago) I asked myself “do I need to introduce myself to my audience?” And finally came to the conclusion that if you are reading this you probably already know me, or if you keep up with the blog you eventually will get to know me pretty well. (I’d like to pretend that I’m more complex than being able to know me based off a blog, or myspace/facebook/etc for that matter, but maybe I’m not). Then that got me thinking about the things that define me, i.e. how would I have introduced and defined myself? Again I want to pretend that I’m more complex than a set of words that can define me. (Sidenote: What is my obsession with being complex today?) So in a ode to reality and giving up on pretending I want to list some things that helped shape me to who I am. Note: this is not who I am but what has made me who I am.

  • Growing up in Boulder, CO
  • Getting an economics degree
  • Having amazing family and friends
  • Having divorced parents
  • Saves The Day (more accurately music but Saves The Day changed my life in a profound way when I was younger, and led me to many other bands which led me to more bands and so on)
  • Computers and the internet (yup me=1337 d0rk)
  • My father’s work ethic
  • My mother’s sense of logic
  • Living in a world where anything is possible

After making this list I realized that each one of these could be a blog post so don’t be surprised if you find these things recurring in the future. Also, I realized making that list was harder than I had expected as I could have gone on for days. I will leave it at that and perhaps revisit it another day.