My Current Status Of Daily Activities

Previously I’ve written about leaving a job at Giantnerd to work for Graphicly, and then I wrote about how that didn’t work out and I eventually found my way back to Giantnerd. Since then I haven’t posted anything to the blog so I thought I would update it with what I am doing currently.

After returning to Giantnerd in my new role I got to work on a lot of really fun and interesting things including 3PL, EDI, and more interesting marketing concepts. I was responsible for more of the marketing and ecommerce aspects of the business and things on both of those fronts were going very well however the business as a whole was undergoing changes in goals and expectations. I could feel an uncertainty in the way we discussed and looked towards the future, I think everyone there could.

Eventually a critical team member ended up leaving the company and the feeling in the company changed a lot. No one was hired to replace such an important member of the company and the responsibilities they held were then treated as not important to the success of the business. It was clear that there was a monumental shift in the works that most of us in the company were not being made aware of. Slowly we would have meetings and get little glimpses into what may be happening and the lack of full transparency made everyone feel uncomfortable dedicating ourselves to something we were left in the dark about.

I decided it was time to start looking for other opportunities. I wasn’t desperate to find something immediately so I was really looking for something challenging and cool to move onto next. I really wanted something I believed in again, but with a little more stability. I found a great fit at a company called Gnip.

Gnip is an amazing company and I have been working there since November. I’m really excited to work for a company has such simple and strong beliefs, as well as a truly innovative and impactful product. Gnip, for those who don’t know, provides social media data to businesses who use it to power their applications. Working in the business to business (B2B) arena as opposed to business to consumer (B2C) is a really fun challenge and I am getting to implement a ton of interesting marketing techniques that I had only studied previously.

Gnip is an amazing company who treats it’s employees amazingly, not only with great benefits, but with a truly open and transparent environment. I believe that Gnip understands that by being transparent and providing employees with all the information they need that people can understand the common goal of the company and we can all work towards it together. This is something I value greatly coming from my previous situation.

All in all, the path my career has taken so far has been an exciting and challenging one. I have had the opportunity to work on lots of different things and learn a lot along the way. Currently, I couldn’t be happier with where I am at, the work I am doing, and everything I have learned. At Gnip I’m in charge of customer acquisition which is great because I believe that what Gnip offers is critical to many companies success and that Gnip is the best on the market at providing social data in a way that promotes the customers success by fulfilling needs they currently have and creating new products to fulfill needs they don’t know they have yet. Getting new customers is helping their business just as much as it is helping Gnip, and I love that.