E-commerce Enhancement Ideas

A while back I was really excited about the fact that Kidrobot was moving to Colorado and put together some ideas I had to enhance their e-commerce experience. I sent them my ideas, had an interview, and never heard anything back from them. I know they filled the position long ago but almost all of my ideas have still gone unimplemented. Regardless of what they thought of the ideas, I think they are pretty basic and worth implementing. We talked about much more advanced marketing stuff that I also know they haven’t implemented yet, maybe they are planning something big. Either way you can see my ideas below.

Simplify the Checkout process

Currently has a 3 step checkout, I would consolidate this to a single page.

Combine JavaScript

Currently has many .js files running, I would combine the JavaScript files to allow more simultaneous loads. also has some JavaScript that can be minified.

SEO Meta Information

Currently pages do not have unique meta information which is not optimal for SEO.

Site Speed

Currently pages take 7+ seconds to load for a testing program, real users likely experience slower loads, I would implement a CDN to speed up the website.

Search Indexing Control (aka robots.txt)

Currently the site does not tell search engines whether or not to index or follow a page, this means they are not indexing all of your content and may be indexing some you do not want.

Item Images

There is room on the item pages to implement larger images which causes a better user experience and with products like yours will showcase the beauty and details that are critical.

Buy button

Currently only 60% of internet users would see the BUY button above the fold.

Cart Modification

Currently the cart only shows number of items unless on cart page, this could be built out to be more detailed.

Cart aesthetics do not match the rest of the site, buttons are different and placed poorly.

Merchandising Zones

While the merchandising seems to be based on good rules they do not show the name or price of the item which prevents up-sells or cross-sells.

Merchandising could be taken a step further to also include cross-sells, this would increase average order values.

Cart merchandising is not best practices and should not take the user away from the cart.

Additional Images Zone

The top left is where the eye naturally drifts to first, having additional images here is too much emphasis on the additional images and not the relevant purchasing information.

Item Add To Cart Notification

The text is red which is never a good sign on a website that uses no red, this could also be handled more elegantly with Ajax.

Checkout abandon emails

Sending emails to customer who abandon the checkout with a reminder to checkout. You can also institute rules to this where if a customer has over $200 that they abandon you can incentivize them to checkout.

Choice Architecture

There are moments on the site where you should be choosing things by default for the user and are not (shipping address on checkout when 1 address)

PCI Compliance

Because the site ais not PCI compliant you cannot retain credit card information which deters repeat business.

Shipping Estimates

Shipping is handled at step 3 of checkout, it could be estimated in the cart and selected and retained in checkout which decreases abandonment.

Left Side Refinements

Especially with clothing, refinements on the leftside make navigating a page of 20+ products more easy.

Category Page Sorts

Adding the ability to sort by Price and other simple measures will allow people to shop easier, especially people shopping for gifts.

Category Display

Currently has categories displaying that show no products when they are clicked on.

Sitemap for Google

I was not able to see the sitemap you submit to Google for crawl your site which is not optimal for SEO.

Product Images

With your toys in particular a 360 view would be a great selling feature.

Google Base

Having your products listed on Google base is free and can enhance your Google Adwords accounts when linked.


Retargeting will push your brand into the visitors mind well after they have left, I can see you doing Google retargeting but there are other options to consider with more dynamic content. This is especially important since the products you sell aren’t heavily searched unless by name so keeping those customers that know you already is crucial.

Product Descriptions

Your products are innately creative, so should your product descriptions.

A website is not a catalog, it is okay to get more than 2-3 sentences in for a product description, space on the internet is cheaper than space on paper.

Newsletter Sign-Up

If newsletter sign-up is something that you are after I would put it on every page not just the homepage.


Username and Password labels are not displayed.


Long category pages could be paginated to speed up load times and focus users attention.

Social Integrations

ShareThis is an option but there’s the Facebook Like button at minimum to enhance sharing. Also Tweet buttons and +1 buttons should be implemented.

Checkout for non-existing customers

Allowing “Guests” to login and have an account created for them will make their checkout experience easier.

Social Media Enhancements

Kidrobot can take back the name (assuming has it trademarked) and begin doing videos for marketing. YouTube is the second largest search engine so not having a video strategy is a big miss.


Good customer service will increase sales; a simple but effective method is LiveChat.

Contact Us above the fold

On the pages where customer have questions the most the only way to find the contact information is at the very bottom of the page where many people will not scroll to and you will lose sales.

Canonical Tags

Currently the site architecture is good and doesn’t need canonical tagging but any marketing or operations that create URL modifications will require canonical page tagging.