A Slight Change In Daily Activities

Over the last 3 years I have had the privilege of working for a great company filled with great people. I started working at Giantnerd® when I was still in college, I graduated on a Saturday and started full-time on Monday. Over the last 3 years I have learned more than I would have at a less dedicated company in 10 years. There is something about the culture at Giantnerd® that inspires one to dive-in with their whole heart.

Giantnerd® is a promising company. More important than the praise for doing social media right, they truly believe in helping the customer. Every customer is taken care of, even if it means eating short term profits. Through years of experience the team at Giantnerd® is refining the process of getting butts on bikes, bodies in jackets, feet in shoes, and adventurers out on their expeditions. Little has been more satisfying than to see the gluttony of happy customers at Giantnerd®.

The reason for the nostalgia over my time at Giantnerd® is that I have come to a point in my professional life where it is time for me to move on. It is without question one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as my heart will always be in Giantnerd®. I feel now is the right time for me to attempt to do something I can stamp my name on, to take hold of something and improve it and make it my own. Ecommerce will always fascinate me but for a moment I am going to try my hand at the digital media realm, with a splash of ecommerce.

My new job will be taking care of the marketing for a startup called Graphicly. Graphicly specializes in selling comics books through their application which can be run on iPhones, Android Devices, iPads, an Adobe Air app, Nook Color (as of today!) or through an HTML5 reader. I am really excited to connect comic book readers with amazing comics, and in each other, in a way that fits our 21st century lives.

Graphicly has a great idea, a great product, and lots of room for improvement in marketing. I am bursting with ideas and giddy to start implementing them. Comic books fans are a dedicated and obsessive demographic, bringing them to a platform like Graphicly holds as much potential as bringing a roadie to Giantnerd®. In many ways my job is changing very little, but in many ways it is a complete shift, one I am very excited about.

I will continue to encourage everyone to shop for their outdoor gear at Giantnerd®, there truly isn’t a better place to get your gear.

And now I encourage everyone, comic fan or future comic book fan, to download a Graphicly reader. There’s comics you can download for FREE and there’s over 3000 comics to read and growing. Part of the beauty of the multiple readers is that when at your computer you can read your comics in larger than books size through the desktop or HTML5 reader, and when you’re on the go, the same comic is available on your phone. One account connects them all.

Join me as I begin this journey into the world of comics, join Graphicly.