It’s like breakfast

So my computer blew up. Literally it made a loud bang or four and smelled like smoke and shut off, luckily my brother knows everything about computers and will get it working again. In the mean time he gave me one of his many computers to hold me over, cause I could never live without the internet.

Whats new with me? I get asked this alot. And it seems like the less I have new going on, the more people ask it. All I get to respond is that I’m working alot and I like it. And I suppose that isn’t even that new. I’ve been on the nose to the grindstone train since May and I don’t anticipate getting off of it anytime soon. So then what else do you do besides work? That’s typically the next question I get. The answer is spend as much time with my friends as they will give me and decompress from work so I can do it again. When put into words this existence sounds lame and unfulfilling but it is actually quite the opposite. Everyday I get to work on something that I know is going to be great and I get to do this in a way that is truly impactful. I have more of a stake in the direction of my company at the age of 22 than I ever thought I would by the time I was 50. This is the allure of smaller companies but even within my company I feel that the culture is conducive to the smartest and hardest working get to have the most say, which is an appropriate consequence of incentives. So aside from justifying my long work weeks there, hopefully I prevented anyone who reads this (or my future self since no one reads this) from asking that type of question.

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