The Beginning Of The End

I’m certain that this is the millionth blog I have started. I can’t promise that I will keep it going, but I fully intend to. I feel obligated to legitimize this blog (as I have all my others) even though I am questioning whether or not that is what sets these things up for failure. So this time I want to point out why this one will succeed where the others have failed. For one, the scope of this blog is too large to get tied down trying to prove something. I’m not spouting out my economics beliefs (although I will), and I’m certainly not trying to fit into a mold of a scene (catch ya later livejournal RIP sorrowingxstar). This time it is just me, being me, completely honestly. I’m hoping that I can share things on here that I won’t even admit to myself. Secondly, I feel like the more I experience, especially within the literary world, I understand that there is a fine line between being a horrible writer and a great one. I am determined not to let my self-consciousness about my writing deter me writing publicly.

After what I perceive is a sufficient legitimization for this experiment, I want to move onto something more important to me for this blog. The content. Thanks for reading the intro, and keep abreast (haha breast) for updates.